Action sale - Explanation visitors.

New on Tractors and Machinery is the web-department "Action sale".

This new web-department “Action sale”, will present you advertised machines for 5 days only, at a special discount.
Any "Action sale" advertisement has received a special discount given by the advertiser himself, between minimal 25% and maximal 50% discount !

The last 5 new "Action sale" advertisements will be showed on the homepage of Tractors and Machinery.
The complete list of all "Action sale" advertisements, can be found via the button "See all the offers".

After searching through Powersearch or the "traditional way" of search, you will recognize each “Action sale “ advertisement on a special “Action” icon in the black text header of each advertisement.

After clicking on a “Action sale” advertisement, the original price is crossed out and the new action price can be found under the original price, included the specified percentage of discount.

All "Action sale” advertisements are valid maximal 5 days, so knock down your hammer quickly !